The labels for this bottle were produced by Paulo Rocha, at AZULCER atelier. There are 650 different tiles, handmade and painted exclusive for this wine.

Each bottle is meant to be a work of art, unique and collectible

We asked Stereossauro, a renowned Portuguese artist and former world-champion in scratch and turntablism, to create a unique soundtrack solely for this wine. Furthermore, we collaborated with Bruno Brandao, a talented young film-maker, to develop the very first WINECLIP. A video showcasing the winemaking process, label production, and an original soundtrack.

Made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Pancas, in Alenquer (LISBON DOC), we took 9 hours to handpick a ton of grapes, due to the vineyard was almost entirely sunburned because of 2 big heat-waves.

In the winery, we split the grapes for 2 vinifications: 50% skin contact and 50% Carbonic Maceration (using dry ice). These wines then aged for 12 months in separate barrels and after that, we blended the two wines in 500L oak barrel for more 18 months.

Bottled in march 2021, without fining and 80mg total sulphur. In style, it’s just like an old world Cabernet Sauvignon, and we believe it will last a decade or two in the bottle, due to his power and freshness in the palate.

InteGraal as a name specially because all the blended arts in the bottle created something complete: The wine, music, ceramics, video… all these original components transformed a bottle of wine into a complete cycle!

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