Monda is a wine that is made from classic grapes grown in their traditional regions. Each year, we select the best grapes from different harvests around the country to create this original and balanced. Only the finest barrels are used to produce Monda. Our aim is to match the style of a top wine without you realizing that it is in fact a natural wine. Because minimal intervention wines are not a style but a creation technique.

We belive the purpose of blending wine isn’t just to correct any issues with the wine, but rather to create a complex and unique flavor profile. For Monda we carefully selected the best grape varieties from their respective terroirs in order to add layers of depth to the wine, while also paying attention to the wine’s aesthetic style. The end result is a classic wine that represents the country and its unique differences, with a spotless, crispy, fresh, and focused taste.

Artwork by Cara Trancada

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