We do not use additives in our wines other than a small amount of sulfites.
Sometimes not even sulfites.

We only make wine from grapes that come from sustainable agriculture.

Our partnering farmers are dedicated toward the protection and conservation of their land and the surrounding ecosystem.

We contribute to a circular economy and a greener carbon footprint by purchasing products and services around our headquarters, supporting local businesses in doing so.

We don’t use plastic in our cellar, our boxes and tape are made of basic cardboard and we use organic wax to cover the cork of our bottles.

We started to recycle our waste and we are creating new labels with it.

APRT3 is a project with people at the forefront.

We practice fair trade by purchasing grapes in remote locations at reasonable prices.

There are over 250 indigenous grapes in Portugal and our intention is to keep them alive.

We engage in sustainable business practices with our farmers so that they continue to protect the crop that creates distinctive wines.

We are teaching them the importance of revival as these are the very crops that make Portugal a distinct wine producing country.

We cannot risk losing evidence that marks our wine, culture and history.

By supporting our wines you’re supporting our artists.

Whenever we launch a new label or reproduce preview artwork you are financially supporting the artist’s development by engaging with our wine.

Wine as Art.

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