Wine and art is a link as old as the
god Dionysus of ancient Greece.

We do not drink wine for a purpose.
If we want to quench our thirst we turn to water.
Want to get drunk quickly? There are stronger solutions. We drink wine for appreciation. To wind down and relax, to maximise a flavour, as a perfect pairing for a moment we are experiencing. 

Our style? Is to create good tasting natural wine, without the pressure of producing for a target audience.

In the cellar, the barrels are our brushes, we paint the liquid and design taste. But we lacked the creativity to express this on the bottles label.

That’s when emerged the desire to collaborate with other artists who give shape and image to our liquid art .

Over the last 5 years, we have had the privilege of collaborating with countless talents that have made our small editions unique and collectible.


Street artist from Lisbon that works a lot with the technique of pastiche, appropriation, painting over other paintings and unexpected objects. He influenced us with his punk and irreverent style that allowed us to break into the market and launch our first edition ever with a huge bang !!

Later we collaborated again for the first edition of Monda Red where we experimented fluorescent colors with a touch of dark humour to bring our bottles to life.


She’s an erotic artist based in Almada. Her creations always have a very feminine message and an activist side.
We thought it was perfect to mark the mood of our first harvest and together we collaborated on labels that we still launch today.

It was our first year, the seminal harvest. What we wanted to convey was life, the genesis, the seed that generates a being.


Italian artist living in Portugal, with a very disruptive style. His works involve a the use of garbage to recreate new symbols and forms.Since the beginning, our focus has been on sustainability and creating wines with our hands and as little technology as possible. Fiumani brought this possibility to show our rawest side with his illustrations.

He built a whole interpretation of our process and recreated the classic Latin expression, presented us with a definition for our style: In Vino Disorder.


Created the image of Mike Tazem. A pun on the name of Vila Nova de Tazem and Mike Tyson (the two words sound very similar in Portuguese, or we need to smoke less =s ). Voss is a tattoo artist, illustrator, lives between Portugal and Germany and his creations always have a caustic and nasty humor.

He also signed Zorro, a limited edition of the Bastardo grape in Trás-os-Montes, with the label written exclusively in English and Mirandês, the second official Portuguese language, spoken only in this small region and on the verge of extinction.

Paulo Rocha X Stereossauro X Bruno Brandão

So far our most multidimensional project.

Paulo Rocha produced and painted 650 ceramic pieces by hand, in an edition in which the label is a tile and Stereossauro composed a soundtrack to accompany the launch video of this wine produced by Bruno Brandão.

Paulo Rocha is a ceramist and together with Azulcer he helped us to produce a unique tile label, something never seen before, one by one.

Stereossauro is one of the most renowned musicians in the Portuguese hiphop scene and was inspired by ceramic patterns to produce a rich composition that takes us to the sounds of Fado but also to the Arab influence on the Iberian peninsula, like the tiles graphics.

Bruno Brandão has been accompanying our work with numerous footage and documentaries of the harvest. His role was to reconcile the different arts and had this role to connect everything giving it sense making.


The collaboration with Ciano started with the 2022 harvest, when Mariana and her friends came to help us pick our grapes and we brainstormed about future releases.
We wanted something different this time, very specific illustrations for two wines with a strong concept.

The way she deconstructed the initial idea was genius and the design work was flawless, exceeding all expectations.

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