Traditional method turned into new age style!! This vinification has been performed for centuries in Setubal region but we just tuned it up a bit! This is pure Terroir with clever enology… This means minimal intervention in order to capture sense of place!

This is the wine that started it all. Our liquid gold.
A barrel that was left apart and we brought with us from Luís internship.
Over the last few harvests we have perfected the style of this wine.
Either by coincidence or fate, 4 years after starting the project in Lisbon, we ended up in the land of Moscatel, Setúbal, where today we have our winery.

Taking advantage of the super aromatic power of Moscatel and freshening it with Arinto, we get a super fragrant and perfumy wine
with a cool and tingling mouth. This is pure joy flirting with the human senses =)